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Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the data on iRecord is stored anywhere else?  For example, NBN store (downloadable) data from NatureSpot (Leicestershire and Rutland's own version of iRecord) and there is some data on there which might be from BSBI (Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland) - I have emailed them to ask.  So I was wondering if iRecord data is sent here or anywhere else where it can be downloaded?

I am asking because I am currently planning my Masters Dissertation and I am looking for plant data.  Everyone I have asked about it has advised me the best place to get my data from is online, so now my questions is, is all the data in one place, or is there likely to be duplicate data if I downloaded it from different websites?

Thank you! :)

Siobhan Brocklehurst


Submitted by James Emerson on Tue, 06/02/2024 - 20:17


Hi Siobhan.

This is unfortunately not a straightforward question, and will likely depend what area you are in or need the data from. In basic terms the data on iRecord stays on iRecord, but if it is verified then the person verifying it might transfer it (or authorise the transfer) somewhere else. So for plants the options might be:

No-one verifying your local area records = records are unverified and just on iRecord

BSBI vice county recorder verifying records = records verified on iRecord and also in BSBI database

Records verified but not by BSBI vice-county recorder = records verified on iRecord, not necessarily on BSBI database but might be on NBN or sent to local records centre


So regarding your data, I think the best thing to do to start with is contact your vice county plant recorder(s) and ask what methods they use to receive records. You can check details here: If they use iRecord then they might be able to suppply you with all of the data you need. If they don't then you are looking at having to collate data from different sources.