Consequences of Stripping iNat records of RG status

Submitted by rkl on

I have recently been investigating criteria for identification of Panorpa to species level. As a part of this I have been looking at 'Rejected' Panorpa records in iRecord that have come from iNat to gain a better understanding of what is being rejected and why. Today I encountered a record that was 'Rejected as incorrect' and on looking at it the misidentification was well-documented by the verifier. So, I went to the record on iNat and added an extra ID to initiate a correction. This caused the record to be downgraded from RG to 'Needs ID'. I went to look again at the corresponding observation in iRecord a few seconds later and to my surprise it had disappeared.

Is there any process within the iRecord download from iNat that could explain this? If not, is there any other explanation for my observation?

Roy Lowry.