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It seems to be a complete waste of time putting anything in the forum they don't get responded to. I would expect someone on the organisation to be monitoring the forum and responding on iRecords behalf. I have a couple of questions but I can't find a way of asking them directly. Firstly I don't seem to be able to upload videos instead of photos. Much of what I want to record on Tackley Heath is captured on a trail camera and, whilst I do get it to take 2 stills before a 20 sec video often the video is much clearer than the stills. I do clip the videos to produce stills but they are inevitably blurrd. My second question is if, for example, I ckeep capturing videos of the same videos of deer, does iRecord want all of them recorded or just one for each species I see at the same place.


Submitted by iRecord support on Wed, 08/11/2023 - 18:15


As explained in the pinned forum post we don't have the resources to monitor all posts in the forums, and we are grateful to our forum users who are able to respond in many cases. For any issues that can't be dealt with here please contact iRecord directly via the email address

We are not able to support upload of video files at the moment.

In principle repeat records of the same species can be useful, e.g. to show variation in activity at different times of year. However, for guidance on your specific example we would suggest contacting your local mammal group via this Mammal Society page.