irecord junking all my records in an entry session

Submitted by Pondy on

Well, I spend half an hour entering records in a list. Click on where was it. Pop up says before you can proceed you just need to fill in the bits we have highlighted for you. Every one in thousands of records I have added over the last few days demand the word adult has to be added.

Then when all the pink highlighted areas are gone, I click where was it and the same pop up areas, yet nothing highlighted. I do this repeatedly, before having to leave to write this knowing all my work is wasted.

So unless and until you provide an override button I will add not one more record.

You don't waste my time like this again,.


Submitted by baldwin@hotmaiā€¦ on Wed, 06/09/2023 - 12:56


I added a photo of hat I think is either an European or a Asian Hornet with a photo..All wasted as it didnt save.